Years ago, back home in the Seattle area, we used to have an Orange Julius store at the mall. I loved that place. At some point it went away…and I was crushed. A week or so ago, I was reminiscing about “the Julius” and how much I would love to have one.

Today after lunch, I pulled into DQ to grab a blizzard. I looked up at the drive-thru menu and found a truly wonderful surprise…DQ and Orange Julius have merged! Forget you blizzard…I’ve got my Julius back!

Today, I walked into staff meeting today with an old friend in my hand.


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  1. We had a OJ/Karmelkorn in Joliet mall for a while, but it closed about 6 months ago… They are darn good. I remember always getting them with my Grandma when I was a kid… Ahhh the memories!

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