Killing The “Big Mo”

Momentum is vital in ministry. Without it, vision can become difficult to see, people get frustrated and eventually you’ll simply come to a stand still…and a ministry that comes to a stand still is a dead ministry. So how do you keep it going? How do you keep people engaged, excited and committed to going forward?

For me, it’s all about communication. If someone on my team can’t tell you the vision of this ministry, then I have fallen short as a communicator. People will follow vision. People will commit to purpose. People will give of themselves for something that is bigger than themselves. That’s where I want the people in my ministry to be. I want them to be so jazzed about what we’re doing and where God is leading us, that they pour out and sell out wholeheartedly.

I can have all the vision in the world, but if I don’t communicate that vision effectively, then my ministry will eventually come to a crawl. Lack of communication is a momentum killer. The key is to share the vision, talk about the vision, review the vision and instill the vision over and over again to your team…

It’s when you have complete buy in and complete commitment, that the forward momentum becomes unstoppable.


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