Sorry for the impromptu blog break. Sometimes I just need to turn things off and spend some time in silence. It’s amazing how quickly life, ministry and everything in between can begin making noise all at once. I’ve spent the last few days as “unplugged” as possible, trying to simply listen to God and refocus.

I get to this point every so often. I think it’s easy, when things are moving forward, to just go along with the flow. The challenge occurs when you hit a road block and that forward momentum is interrupted. For me, the best thing is to simply unplug, unwind, refocus and most importantly…pray.

I’ve had a blast the last few days, hanging at the pool with the family, walking with my Wife and connecting with some great friends. It’s in those moments that God seems to speak so clearly to me. It’s in those moments that I find that inward silence that seems to disappear every so often. Anyhow…it’s back to my normal blog routine…stay tuned!


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