Rainy Days and Saturday’s

It’s hard to believe this is summer in Illinois. It feels more like spring in Seattle. Seems that every plan we’ve had for the weekend keeps getting rained out. The lawn is even too wet for me to mow. None the less, it’s Saturday. I’m the 1st one up…actually the dog was the 1st one up, which is why I’m the 2nd one up.

This morning, I’m finding myself thinking a lot about the calling of God. Looking back, I can see how God has been developing me for this ministry my whole life, but what did it take for me to realize that He was calling me to this? What clicked that I finally heard God’s voice saying; “hey…guy trying to be a rock star…I’ve got a better plan for you.” ?

I think what changed was that a decade ago, I finally turned up the volume in my spiritual life. I went from a casual listener, to a faithful follower of the program. I bought in to the vision God had for my life. Now that I’m doing what I do, I see so many others in the same situation. I can look at them and see clear gifts and a clear calling on their life…but they don’t hear it yet. They’ve got the volume down on their calling.

This has become a deep passion for me in ministry. I wasted so much time not listening and I desperately want things to be different for those around me. It’s Saturday…it’s raining…and that’s what’s on my brain today.


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