No…I Didn’t Wait in Line

I thought about getting up and heading to the local AT&T store to score my new iPhone this morning, but decided to pass. According to this post, I may have made a wise decision. Here’s my thought process.

Stand in line for an hour and half or sleep in, have a nice breakfast, then head off to the pool with the kids.

Deal with the frustration of getting my iPhone in the middle of chaos or wait a few days, stroll casually into the AT&T store and get my iPhone without the stress of a crowd.

In the end, I figured having my iPhone today wouldn’t alter my life enough to make the hassle worth it. I’m not sure how long I’ll have to wait, but I do know that my iPhone purchase will be under a whole lot less fanfare than what was happening today.

Now…if Bloomington had an Apple Store, that would have been a different story!


One Response

  1. just like most things in life:
    if you aren’t dying without it today, then you probably won’t be dead without it tomorrow.

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