So Proud (Grenada Pt.2)

One of things I am most passionate about in ministry is investing in other artists. I long for people to reach their creative potential for Christ. I especially love to make that investment in our high school kids. Our Grenada team featured 5 teenage artists and I couldn’t wait to see how God would stretch and develop each one of them. I was really excited for last Sunday. We were schedule to be at 2 churches that morning. I would take a small musical team with me and the remaining musicians and singers (including our 5 teens) would lead worship in another church.

What I didn’t expect was that God would work out the schedule so that I could be there to listen to the other team. From the first note, the spirit of worship in that room was real and tangible. I watched as each of these kids did more than simply step up…I watched them step in to their God given giftedness. I couldn’t stop the tears that were streaming down my face. I was so proud of these kids…more importantly I know God was glorified and He was loving every minute of it!

Not everything we invest in works out. Sometimes you have an artists who you think will be a great leader in your ministry…only to find out later that you’ve just discovered another “flaky” artist. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that you can NEVER stop investing. Because for every investment that doesn’t work out, there are 5 kids who will knock your socks off!

I’m so proud of these girls!


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