Grenada Pt.1

So many great things happened in Grenada. Here’s one story of how God opened an unexpected door.

Sunday night, we were scheduled to play in one of the local town squares. We had done the same thing the night before in another area and were excited to see what God would do. The one snag we ran in to was the fact that it’s election season in Grenada. The streets are flooded with people campaigning for their favorite candidate…and believe me, Granadian’s are passionate about their politics. Originally they expected several hundred people to be at this show, but because of the elections and the many political rallies, the crowd was likely to be fairly small.

One of the local pastors we were working with said he might be able to get us in to play at a rally for one of the local candidates. He made a few phone calls and sure enough, got us in! Instead of the crowd coming to us, God brought us to the crowd. The night was incredible. We literally played in the middle of the street. Cars were passing a foot in front of the stage trying to make their way through all the people who had gathered around. It was truly an amazing setting. An American group, playing at a Grenadian political rally in the middle of one of the poorest neighborhoods on the island.

In the end, God made His name known at that rally and opened up many doors for us to start talking with people on the street. For our team, the night was an amazing example of God moving in an unexpected way. It was an exhausting but life altering adventure.

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