When There’s Too Much

To say things are crazy right now would be the understatement of the century. Between our missions trip to Grenada, my vacation, the magic show/missions fundraiser this evening, Sunday morning services and all the programming that needs to happen before I get on the airplane Tuesday, I’m seriously spent.

If you’re in ministry in any capacity, then you know that this happens…a lot. The“to do’s” and the “gotta have’s” seem never ending. I’ve learned that the most important thing to do in these times is to not neglect the MOST important things. Don’t leave your time with God on the side of the road simply because your schedule is out of hand. Don’t miss creating moments together with your family simply because you’re a bit beat down.

Yes, ministry can be overwhelming…especially when everything seems to be happening all at once, but the key to survival, is keeping your priorities straight!


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