Moving at the Speed of Maple Syrup

I’ve been struggling with something lately. I’ve been trying to figure out if I’m being impatient or passionate. I’ve been trying discern if I’m just too young to understand what waiting on God means or if I’m old enough to know that God is longing to burst forth while we stand seemingly resistant to what He wants to do.

Sometimes in ministry it feels like things move at the speed of maple syrup. We see a need and process how to meet that need over, and over, and over again until it seems as if the need will never be met…at least not by the church. The flip side of that is that we see a need and rush so quickly to meet it that we don’t have the people, vision or forethought to sustain this new branch of ministry. Sometimes I think the church is scared of it’s own shadow. In an effort not to appear reactionarry to every little thing that heads our way, we stand all the way on the opposite side of things and find ourselves paralysed by our processes and inaction.

I’m wondering if there’s a very wide middle ground here. I’m wondering if the key is to tread carefully, but at the same time, be ready to run full speed at a moments notice. I’m wondering if what we’re missing is an understanding of just how badly God wants to use us. What would happen if we would stop worrying about this committee, that process, this tradition and that way of doing things and simply sit in anticipation of the incredible leading of God?

The truth is, it’s not for us to decide fast or slow, action or inaction…it’s simply up to us to listen and go in the direction God tells us to go. In the end, it’s really not that complicated…is it?


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