When Your Sr. Pastor Wears the Wrong Shirt

Our Sr. Pastor is a lot like many others out there. He has a rather large collection of “Rick Warrenesque” dress shirts. You know, the short sleeve button ups with the random prints on them. There are a few that completely wreak havoc with our cameras. A perfect Sunday is when He shows up wearing a solid color shirt. Any solid color shirt will do…except the bright red one. Nothing makes him look more pale on camera than the “Happy Valentine’s Day Shirt”.

Today, guess who shows up in bright red…yep, you guessed it.

So after noticing this, what does my amazing tech crew do? They send a “runner” to the Pastor’s house and have them bring me a new selection of shirts for Him to change into between services (I’m pretty sure this was one of those “small print” items in my job description).

In the end, everything worked out fine. He looked fantastic on camera in 2nd service and I went on a seek and destroy mission for the red shirt (I never could find the thing). It’s about time to start working on our 2009 ministry budgets. I suggest a new line item for “Sr. Pastor shirts”…with me in contol of it’s use!


3 Responses

  1. so true so true (:

  2. I wear shirts with fish on them in the summer. Do I get voted off the island??

  3. Hey, is that the shirt that he wore for Wed night service?…….

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