I keep going back to my favorite Mark Batterson quote; “Change of place+change of pace=change of perspective.” I’m seriously living that quote at the moment. I struggle working in the office. Not because of the people or the hours, but because I find it creatively distracting…and for me, that equals frustration.

I’m an “environment guy”. I thrive on my surroundings. I’m inspired by what’s going on around me. Staring at my wall does very little to move me creatively. I’m not complaining…I’m blessed to work at an amazing church, with an amazing staff and a team that backs what we do creatively 110%. But sometimes, office “structure” seems to get in the way of my creative process.

If you know me at all, you know that my passion is for great art and great creativity to make a Christ centered impact on peoples lives. That’s what drives me…that’s what keeps me going in ministry. But there are times when I feel my passion is weakening under the strain of the “same old, same old” everyday…that is until this week.

This week, my beasty office computer went on the blink. As a result, I’ve had to work at home since Tuesday (change of place).

At home, there is silence. There are no conversations going on outside my door, there isn’t the sound of the constantly running copier or the non-stop office phone…I’ve been able to simply relax and create (change of pace).

By doing so, I’ve knocked out more projects in 3 days than I would normally get done in 3 weeks. The amount of stress and workload this has relieved is immeasurable. A week ago I felt as if I was beginning to crumble under my workload. Today, I’m walking in the light at the end of the tunnel (change of perspective).

All this to say, sometimes we need to be intentional about our creative environments. If it’s not working, then change it. Change your scenery, change your routine and change you strategy. Next week, I’ll be back in the office…with a much different perspective.


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