Where’s My Guitar Player?

This is Mark. Mark is an amazing musician and a great asset to our team. You may remember him from this band. Yesterday, just like any Sunday Mark plays, we got off stage after first service and he headed out the door to run home and pick up his family. He’s always made it back for 2nd service with plenty of time to spare…until yesterday.

We’re backstage with about 2 minutes left on the pre-service countdown when we notice that Mark isn’t there. I ran out side…nothing. I called his cell…nothing!

With about 30 seconds left, I finally see Mark’s car race into the parking lot. He knew he was late and in his panic ran backstage still holding their babies bottle. Fortunately, we had a video scheduled to roll before we took the stage, so I had a few seconds to snap a nice action photo of the moment.

The baby went hungry for a the next 20 minutes or so… but the worship time was fantastic! Just another fun story in the life of our Creative Ministry!



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  1. wow i can only imagine how stressed you were.

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