Today I’ve been contemplating what moves me. The easy answer is that God moves me. His will, His purpose, His plan…but I’m wanting to think deeper than that. What about God moves me? What about his plan and purpose makes my heart beat fast?

One thing that comes to mind is the way God works through His people. It moves me to see someone used for God’s glory. It moves me to see Him accomplish His purpose through His people. The fact that a perfect God, uses His imperfect people simply amazes me. 

Watching God change lives moves me. Watching someone go from lost to found, broken to whole, dead to alive is one of the most moving things I can imagine. The way God longs for this life change in each and every person is beyond description. It moves me that God uses His people to lead others to this life change.

I’m moved by God’s creation. Not just the amazing world He has created, but the people as well. As I look at the faces of my children and realize that God has formed each feature, each physical characteristic, each talent and emotion, I am moved beyond words. When I look at my beautiful wife and realize that God created her to minister with me and me to minister with her, I am again…moved.

In the end, I guess I’m simply moved by the endless character and power of God. I am in awe of who He is and what He does. I’m amazed at the way He does what he does. Maybe it’s too difficult to put words to.

Maybe the best thing to say is that when it comes to God…I am simply moved.


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  1. I feel a song coming on, Jim… ~~am

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