Wibo…The Conclusion

Well, thanks to a weak wifi signal and a wordpress outage, I wasn’t able to blog from each session. So here are the highlights from the rest of the day at WIBO.

-Tim Steven did a great talk based on His new book; “Pop Goes the Church”. A powerful, convicting and moving session.

-I’d never heard Darren Patrick before today, but was completely moved by his talk. He focused in on how easily idols can creep into our lives and wreak having on our ministries. Anything that replaces God as the focal point of your life is an idol…ANYTHING!

-The blogger lunch was a blast. Big thanks to Terrace and Churchy Dave for pulling it all together. I connected with a ton of people and truly felt enriched by the fellowship.

-After lunch I had the chance to spend some long overdue time with my friend Darren. D-Plum it’s a great joy to call you my friend!

-Perry Noble was in classic “Perry” form. Blunt, Jesus centered, convicting, powerful, moving, inspiring and frustrating…all at the same time. Here are a few points from his message:

          Understand our calling.

          Understand you were prior to that calling.

          No one “volunteers” for a life of ministry…they are called.

          Honor that calling even on days you don’t feel like it.

          The first calling on our lives is to be with Jesus.

          If ministry ever overtakes our personal time with God, we have turned away from our calling.

          The priority calling on our lives is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

          When you get more than Jesus…you’ve screwed up.

          Jesus gives you your authority to do what He called you to do.

          Do what God tells you to do and let Him handle the results.

          If you’re a Pastor or senior leader, Satan has a bigger target on your back than anyone else in your church.


Finally, Ed Stetzer ended the day with a great message on faith through doubt. Here are a few highlights:


          Thomas “the doubter” went farther than any of the other disciples in proclaiming the gospel.

          We must be allowed to ask “why” in the midst of doubt and hurt.

          Don’t be afraid to say to God; “I don’t get it” – “I doubt”.

          God is not afraid of your questions.

          The world is increasingly tired of a church that is trite.

          God promises His presence…He doesn’t promise that we’ll always have the answers.

          Saying “I don’t know” to a lost person isn’t a sign of immaturity…it’s a sign of maturity.

          Jesus doesn’t always speak happiness, but He always speaks peace.

          You don’t need to look for a mission…God already gave it to you.

          Thomas’ response to Jesus says it all; “My Lord and My God”.


Ted and I need to head of to the airport, but I’ll post some more about this great day later tonight.



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  1. Jim,

    Great to connect with you today. Thanks for introducing yourself.


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