Wibo Session (two) Vince Antonucci

– This guy is HILARIOUS!

– Vince came to Christ without ever meeting a Christian.

– How is it possible to live for 20 years in America and never hear about Jesus?

– Church attendance is down 8 million over the last 20 years, yet there are more churches than ever.

– We are reaching people…we’re just not reaching lost people.

– Seek and save God’s lost children. Any cost. Whatever it takes. This is where God’s heart is at…the most important mission in the world.

– Jeremiah 4 – God heart is in anguish over the lost.

– John 7, Matt. 11 – Jesus heart beat is the lost to come to Him.

– Too often were content with seeking and saving the saved.

– If we’re not about seeking and saving the lost, then maybe we’re not as close to God as we think we are.



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