Wibo Blogger Shout Outs

One of the things I was most excited about, heading into WIBO, was getting to know some other bloggers from all over the place. Some of these folk I’ve connected with before, but there were many I hadn’t. WIBO really turned out to be a living “who’s who” list from the blogosphere. Here’s a little shout out to the bloggers I had a chance to connect with today.

Darren Plummer, Daniel Floyd, Jeremy Pickwell, Jay Hardwick, Terrace Crawford, The Churchy Media Guys, Matt Morgan, Ben Arment, Tony Morgan, Kem Meyer, Tim Stevens, Scott Hodge, Adam Cruz, Jeff Maness, Todd Rhoads, Michael Harrison, Vince Antonucci

Also, on the “non-blogger” list, I really enjoyed getting to know Kent from Worshiphousemedia.com, Brad from Siteorganic.com and Chris from Lashey and Joyner.

What an amazing day of fellowship, learning and encouragement!





4 Responses

  1. So GREAT to see you yesterday!!

  2. I was following along at home through the Conference Channel site and they had some good stuff going there. From what everyone is saying it sounds like it was an incredible day.

  3. you know Kem Meyer? Man, I am so jealous. Happy for you, but jealous 🙂

  4. jim ::

    GREAT to finally meet you face to face! wibo turned out to be quite the gathering of friends who had never met! thanks for making the trip and i hope you left as filled up as i did.

    loved hearing more of your story and your church’s story…looking forward to what’s next in your important work in bloomington. you have my prayers! stay in touch.

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