Guess Who’s Still in Virginia?

Well, wouldn’t you know it…my well documented travel woes continue. Ted and I got to Dulles this afternoon only to find that our plane was delayed an hour, which would cause us to miss our connection to Bloomington. The worst part was that we wouldn’t have another way into Bloomington until 6:30pm tomorrow! Things looked up briefly when we lucked out and got a really great Customer Service Agent at United. She managed to book us on a connection from O’hare to Champagne through a different airlines. We’d have a friend drive out and pick us up around 11pm…everything looked like it was going to be okay.

By the time we got through security, we had to hustle to our gate. Once we arrived, we found out that the plane was delayed even further. Now we would end up missing our connection to Champagne as well. We sat down, tired, frustrated and pretty much resigned to the fact that we were going to have a very long trip home.

Then…a beacon of hope arrived. They sent an alternate plane to the gate…unfortunately it was 150 seats smaller than the original plane. I’m about to lose it when a voice comes over the intercom and says, we’ll give away a free roundtrip ticket to anywhere in the lower 48 if you’d be willing to give up your seat to Chicago. FREE FLIGHT…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

Ted and I jumped to the counter. Not only did we both get a free flight to use anytime over the next year, we also got a free room at the Dulles Hyatt (our 2nd Hyatt in as many nights), free dinner and free breakfast. Plus, they somehow got us on the first flight out in the morning and made room for us on the early connection to Bloomington. So, in the end, we’re still in VA for the night, but we’ll be home by 10:30 in the morning. What a day…


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  1. thats my airline!!!!!!!! nice! im glad you got a good CSR to help you out! those poor people are so overworked…

    dude, i never understand why more people dont take those free round trip ticket offers if you give up your seat. i mean, you’re attitude is exactly right–its a FREE ROUNDTRIP TICKET ANYWHERE IN THE CONTINENTAL US!! AND you get a hotel and stuff. why would you pass that up?
    good gracious.
    thanks for being one of the reasonable ones.

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