My Kids Mommy

I’m blown away at who my kids have for a Mommy. Christine is the kind of Mommy that every kid wishes they had and every husband would be honored to be with. She somehow balances discipline and fun, the serious and the crazy, the hyper and the mellow and makes it all work. She always knows when the kids are up to something (usually well before I catch on). She balances work, ministry, marriage and motherhood like she wrote the book on the subject.

The best part, is that our kids respect her and love her with every ounce of who they are…and so do I for that matter. Happy Mother’s Day to one seriously amazing Mommy!


One Response

  1. To be a good Mommy it takes more than just me. It takes a husband that supports her and loves her. It takes someone who supports her dreams, sorrows, and all that life brings. You are that kind of husband and I couldn’t have had a mother’s day without you. Hee Hee

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