I’m A Google Sponsored Link!

Not sure if this is a good thing…but evidently you can now bid on me through eBay.



4 Responses

  1. I just won you at auction..I got a great price…I now need my grass cut, cars washed, the house cleaned and welll that is probably enough for today..

    I’ll let you know about tomorrow’s list… 🙂

  2. HA…That is awesome!

  3. Brian, you can’t have him-I bid a long time ago. I got him pretty cheap. If I had to bid on him now-I wouldn’t have enough money. I am so lucky!

  4. I guess you can get all sorts of Jim Henry-Trading cards, books, CDs you name it…..(and some of the stuff is high priced!) But all that matters is your wife would not accept any amount of money to trade ya!

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