Our Calling

I love worship ministry. I can’t imagine doing anything else. The interesting thing is that by striving to be a worshipper, I am simply trying to live out the calling that is on everyone’s life. We were all created to worship God. To love Him, serve Him, surrender to Him…to know Him and make Him known. No one is unique in that calling.

In worship ministry however, the uniqueness is found in the fact that we are called to lead people to see  their calling as worshippers. In other words, we are in the business of waking up worshippers! When people ask me to describe what I do for a living, I’ve always had the same answer: “To worship God…and lead others to do the same.”  That’s the whole deal for me and our creative ministry. To lead by example. To do so with passion and to never rest until the world wakes up to their calling as worshippers. I love my job!


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