It’s amazing what a little rest, a good cup of coffee and some quiet time can do. Creatively, I feel completely refreshed. The ideas are rushing through my mind again. The images of things that could be are starting to reappear. My focus is starting to return.

For a creative person, a lack of creativity is like an illness. It requires rest, rest and more rest to overcome. For me, I needed to let my creative pallet be cleared so I could start fresh, feel renewed and dive back into doing what I love to do.

Now that I’m back on track, I’ve got some things to focus on…here are a few of the items on the list:

-Work on the branding for our “Nehemiah” series starting this summer.

-Start prepping my team for our trip to Grenada in June. (more on that in a later post)

-Restructure my vocal teams for our new vocal rotation beginning in June.

-Wrap up a video promo for our Echo Youth Ministry.

-Shoot a promo for our Campout. (all I’ll say is that it involves a guy in a gorilla suit)

-Work on our worship center lighting.

-Program the next months worth of services.

-Start prepping for our “Unplugged” worship night coming this fall. (we’re recording it live…more on that later too)

-Work towards building 2 dedicated teams for our midweek worship gathering. (this is already starting to happen!)

-Auditions, auditions, auditions (3 in the next week alone!)

-Gear up for the Marriage Builders small group that Christine and I are leading.

-Go to WIBO in May.

And who knows what else will come up. I think the pitfall many of us fall into in creative ministry is that we get so wrapped up in the “to do list” that we forget to take the time to recharge. We all know the importance of a daily quiet time and a fervent prayer life…but sometimes we need to take it another step and simply be still.

It worked for me…



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  1. Glad to hear the creative juices are flowing again!

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