Drought or Renewal

I am creatively spent. I feel like every ounce of creativity has been drained from my body. It’s days like this that I walk around in a bit of a daze, struggling to accomplish something with my day. At first I was frustrated, then a little down and finally resigned to the fact that the creative tree will bear no fruit this fine Monday.

The truth is, God needs me to have days like this. He needs me to stop the wheels from spinning. He needs me to slow down and refocus. He needs me to quit creating and let the creator pour into me. Sometimes we get driving so fast that we fail to catch the road signs along the way. Signs that are telling us to slow down, take a break and simply rest in the presence of God.

Today I realized that what I view as a creative drought, God views as a time of renewal. Maybe something will come out of this fine Monday after all.

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