Working on My Message

I’m not a preacher…In fact, for me, prepping for a message is an exercise in patience. If I could write a song about my message, I’d crank it out in 10 minutes, but when I actually have to speak (and sound intelligent while I do so) The prep becomes a bit mind numbing.

I know for certain that a game plan is needed if this is actually going to become a viable message. Since I’m usually my most creative at night, I thought I’d try working on my retreat message after my family was fast asleep. A little over an hour ago, I shut off the “Deadliest Catch” marathon, opened my laptop and started typing. Much to my surprise, it actually worked. I’ve got 3 sessions to plan for and I’ve just about cranked out the first one. Tomorrow morning, I’ll head off to Panera (another good creative spot) and try to wrap this thing up.

Truthfully, I feel like I could sit here all night. I’m thinking through what God has done over the last 2 years at Vale and I’m blown away. It’s been clear that God has been on the move, but when I started putting tangible examples of that movement on paper, I was stunned. We’re calling the retreat: “Bringing Up There, Down Here” (Thanks Rob) –  and tonight, I’ve been able to relive moment after moment where that is truly happening in this ministry.

Tonight has definately been the most fun I’ve EVER had prepping a message…I can’t wait to get back at it in the morning!


2 Responses

  1. Good Luck this weekend…I wish I could be there. I will be praying for your guys time there..Keep Christine, me and the 9 Jr. Highers in your prayers..I hope it is a fun trip, but also a very safe and spiritually powerful one…

  2. I feel the same way. The whole ministry has grown into something that I could have never imagined. It is a privilage to be a part of something so amazing.

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