A Day With My Little Guy

Today was a great day. Christine and Taylor headed to Chicago to catch “Wicked and Turner and I spent the entire day together…just the 2 of us. For the most part, Turner ran the schedule…here’s how it played out.

8:00 – Cartoons in bed.

8:30 – Breakfast.

9:00 – Cartoon while Daddy sucked down some java.

9:45 – Head to Wal-Mart to buy a new basketball and 2 new hot wheels.

10:45 – Go to the theater to catch “Horton Hears a Hoo”…(great movie by the way).

12:30 – Head home to shoot some hoops.

1:30 – Lunch at BK (they had Spongebob toys).

2:00 – Go to the music store to look at drums (and buy strings for Daddy).

2:30 – More hoops.

3:00 – Legos, legos, legos.

4:00 – Throw the football…and play some more hoops.

5:00 – Burgers on the grill.

6:00 – Ride the scooter and…you guessed it…more hoops.

7:00 – Play on the computer.

7:45 – Bath Time…to be followed by more legos.

The rest is still up in the air…but I’m guessing bed time isn’t going to be high on his list.

It’s days like this that I will most likely never forget. My little guy ROCKS!


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