Randomness, a While in the Making


I think this may be the longest blog hiatus I’ve ever taken. As unintentional as it was, it’s been a week since my last post. Well…it’s time to get back to my normal blogging routine! Here are some random highlights from the week that was…

Good Friday and Easter at Vale was amazing. God moved and lives were changed. You can’t beat that!

I had a cold all through Easter weekend, but thanks to my new voice teacher, I made it through without a hitch.

The kids are on spring break, so I’ve been working from home a bit this week. It’s been a nice change of pace.

Turner has strep throat…Bummmrrrr!

Started using The Planning Center, to coordinate the “ins and outs” of our ministry this week. Is anyone else using this? If you are, let me know what you think.

A few great moves by my Seahawks here, here and here!

Christine and I are heading to Chicago tomorrow to see Wicked  as an early anniversary present. Can’t wait to have a day with my bride, do some shopping and see a great show!

I’m taking a week off at the end of April to be creative. I’m going to sit in front of my computer and work on video and graphics day and night…That’s my kind of vacation!

More later…I’ve probably got 5 posts just dying to be typed.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Jim!

    We use Planning Center too & it’s been very helpful. It’s great to see all of the details outlined for Sunday morning & to plan ahead.

    Best wishes to you & Christine on your “early” anniversary! You guys are going to love “Wicked” – can’t wait to read your reaction!

  2. Are you guys seeing Wicked tomorrow night?? We will be at the 8 pm show…it is our second time seeing it, we can’t wait…it is our late anniversary celebration…

  3. Love Love Love Planning Center.

    We’ve been using it over a year now and it has revolutionized how I resource and schedule the team members. EVery chart and MP3 is always available and I have complete control over who can access what and whether or not they are actually dow loading and rehearsing. It also works great for those who are not very internet savvy. cause they can listen to mp3s in the player online and never download anything.

  4. Welcome back.

    Planning Center = A+

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