The Cherry on Top (a follow up)


A while back, I posted here about how my Son, Turner, landed the prize maraschino cherry from the top of my Baskin Robins Banana Royale. It’s amazing how things come back around. Tonight, after our Good Friday service, we headed out to Kobe Japanese Steak House to grab a bite to eat. Turner isn’t much of a Japanese connoisseur, so he had the chicken nuggets and french fries. Wouldn’t you know it, his chicken nuggets came with orange slices and TWO maraschino cherries on the side! Turner couldn’t have been happier. He had his nuggets, his fries, a chef flinging knifes and making giant balls of fire on the grill in front of him and he had his cherries. 

After a while, Turner looked at me and said; “Daddy… you can have a cherry”. It was a total role reversal from our trip to Baskin Robins. My little guy was giving me one of his most favorite things. I was so proud of him. So I took the cherry, popped it in my mouth and thank him for letting me have it. A few moments later, I looked down on my plate and there was the other cherry. He had given them both to me.

We try so hard to teach our children. We try to show them right from wrong, good from bad. 6 months ago, I tried to teach Turner about sharing and giving on our trip to Baskin Robbins. Today, I found out that the lesson had hit its mark.


2 Responses

  1. what a great moment for you!

    it’s so sweet when our parenting lessons hit their mark!

  2. aww he is such an angle.

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