Name This Car…


I’ll add you to my blogroll if you’re the first person to give me the make and model of this blast from the past.


8 Responses

  1. plymouth fury?

  2. That’s a good guess…but it’s incorrect : )

  3. oh I know, I know-your first car! Hee Hee-its some sort of a something! Oh I know, but I can’t tell!

  4. definitely an amc… maybe a matador?

  5. my grandmother had one of these…what was it? I’ll think of it…not a Dodge Dart. It looks very AMC.

  6. here I’m saying amc, but I’m stuck on Dodge…hornet? skylark?

  7. And the winner is…my man Dennis! It’s an AMC Hornet. Classic 1970’s manufacturing 🙂

    Not sure what the prize should be since he’s already in my blogroll…maybe I’ll send you a framed picture of me and my mullet!

  8. I never win anything and now that I do I already have it!

    Your friendship is enough…and the image of that mullet. I’m still stunned!

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