He Triple Dog Dared Me!

It seems that Rob Wegner used to have a mullet. He’s posted about it here and here. – Being a recovering mullet sporter myself, I’ve always made sure to jump in with a few comments whenever Rob brings it up.

This morning, I woke up to an email from Rob asking when I was going to share my mullet pics…I replied back by saying “I’ll pray about it…do I sense a dare?” Sure enough…a few minutes later he replied back saying; “I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU”!

On that note, below you will find the famous (and rarely seen) Jim Henry mullet pics. Shot #1 was from 1989 and features the classic “collar shirt” and stone washed jeans. Shot #2, features the “tamed down” version of my do and was taken in 1992 during a show at the worlds fair in Seville Spain.

Who knows, maybe this will help the mullet make a big comeback…Let the mocking begin.



15 Responses


  2. It will not come back because my scissors will get the best of you thank you very much!

  3. Oh sweet mercy. That is incredible. The best part is the thumb in the pocket – perfect!

  4. Hey, man… Business up front, party in the back. You can’t go wrong.

    @Christine – You’re in denial. Deep down, you don’t want the mullet, you NEED the mullet. Jim uses words like rad, bogus and Eeeeeyyyy.
    (I had to get in the “A Few Good Men” quote)

  5. man, can’t believe any of us survived the 80’s… ha ha


  6. Mullet’s Rock!!!

    I displayed mine last fall on my blog and I kind of got the same response.

    So i am hear to say…you looked good!!!

  7. ah haahaahaahaaaa (gasp) hahahahaha (snort) hahahahaha (sigh)

    That’s hysterical dude. 🙂

  8. Hahahhahaha…SO NOT RIGHT!! But I am telling you Jimmy…if you can post the mullet …you gotta show everyone the rockin spandex pictures WITH the mullet haircut!! AWWW YEAH!!! hahahaha!!

  9. Your mullet was a work of art. Your mullet shamed my mullet. Be proud,my friend, because your mullet riveled that of Billy Ray Cyrus/

  10. Jim!! You have a mullet/spandex that you didn’t share with us?? How can this be?

    give it up, dude – – let’s see it 🙂

  11. oh my word Jim – this is hilarious!!

    I love the feathered bangs!


  12. I’m speechless…no I’m in shock…no I’m in pain! Oh my word!

  13. I have to go with mindy on this one-
    we all have heard of the spandex/mullet pics……
    so, brave one, where are they?

  14. Seriously dude…I mean I had a mullet that hit my shoulder pads when I played football…but you were sporting the Crystal Gayle mullet… I am speechless..I don’t even know what to say…

  15. Stressful week + picture of jim in a mullet = all good! (:

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