My Dog is A.D.D.


So this whole “taking the dog potty” thing is really getting out of hand. Here’s the conversation I had with my dog this afternoon (her responses are assumed accurate…I’m pretty certain I can read her like a book).

Me: “Okay puppy let’s go potty”

Puppy: “Yea, yea…potty, potty, potty…O look something shiny!”

Me: “PUPPY! – Over here…PUPPY!”

Puppy: “Oh yea…gotta go, gotta go…look at the pretty birdy!”

Me: “Okay Einstein…focus!”

Puppy: “Look…the kids are outside! I can hold it…really I can hold it!”

Me: “This leash isn’t tight enough!”

Puppy: “Whoa…go easy on the neck big fella. I’m going already…sheesh…wait, what was I doing?”

Me: “You were about to go potty genius…remember?”

Puppy: “Perfect…that looks like a good spot. Hey…a car! Gotta run!”….Doah, forgot about the 20ft. leash rule”

Me: “This is old Puppy…really, really old.”

Puppy: “Ahhh that’s better.”

Me: “What? Did you go? I wasn’t looking!…There was something shiny over there.”


4 Responses

  1. Like father, like…

    Oh wait it’s a dog.


  2. You’re lucky. Our one-year-old beagle was raised in a kennel until he was about six months old … limited human contact. He’s as wild as a weed. Knows nothing of leashes, coming, going, any of that. It’s been a long few months since we got him. He was cute until he chewed the frame completely off our back door. … I’m not kidding.

    Love your blog, Jim. Been subscribing a couple months now.

  3. hahaha. This totally cracked me up!!! 🙂

  4. just wow
    (: haha.

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