A Great Day


You can tell a lot about a person by what people say about them when they’re gone. After today, I have no doubt that Christine’s Grandma Evelyn was a very special woman. Words like faithful, encouraging, devoted and loving were used to describe her throughout the day. I was so honored to speak and sing at the service and to have an opportunity to celebrate a homecoming with Christine’s family.

Evelyn left behind a legacy of faithfulness and service to God. She left behind a great, Godly example of how to live for His glory and how to love unconditionally. She loved God with all her heart and now stands in His presence for eternity.

God moved throughout the day today. From getting us passed an accident on the mountain pass, to clearing away to the rain as we headed to the grave site. Today, I watched as family members were reunited after not seeing one another for years and I watched as God held every heart in attendance. Today, God was the God of all comfort…and it was wonderful to watch Him at work!


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