So I heard from some of my fellow passengers this afternoon, that the little turbo prop flight from Portland to Redmond is a tad on the bumpy side. That wins the “Understatement of the Year” award! Here’s a list of my first 5 clues that this flight was going to be trouble…

1. A collective scream from over half of the passengers after a massive air-pocket.

2. The plane is pitching right, but turning left.

3. Feeling weightless for more than 4 seconds.

4. Actually trying to judge how long it was going to take us to fall to the ground from our current altitude.

5. The “concerned” look on the flight attendants face.

Oh ya…did I mention that I get to take this same flight again on Monday? Can anyone say rent-a-car???


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a blast… wish I was on the flight with you. Seriously… I love thrill rides. 🙂

  2. Erik…you are a strange and sick man 🙂

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