Thoughts From the Friendly Skies and All Stops In Between


So here’s a shot of me enjoying my layover in Portland Oregon. Notice how I’m looking up through the glass roof at the sunshine. I can’t believe it…I finally make it back to the Northwest and the sun’s out. It’s just not right. Anyhow, here are a few random thoughts from my journey so far.

-Bloomington and Portland have free WiFi…O’Hare doesn’t. There ought to be a law or something. 

-Breakfast at O’Hare…mmm, nothing like a stale $7.50 croissant for breakfast.

-Movies on the flight to Portland: “Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium” (lost interest) – “Casino Royale” (Score! Can’t beat a good Bond flick!)

-United Airlines has way better coffee than the junk I sampled here.

-One guy on my flight had a DVD player and entire case filled with recorded Country Music Channel shows. Thankfully I wasn’t sitting next to him.

-This airport is “musty”…Ahhh yes, it’s good to back in the Northwest!

-Number of Northwest stereotypes I saw within 5 minutes of leaving the plane: 4

  •  Guy in his 20’s with a bushy beard, pony tail, cargo pants, flannel shirt and hiking boots.
  • “50 something” lady with bright red hair that should be registered as a lethal weapon.
  • Piercings, piercings and more piercings.
  • 4 different coffee shops, all visible from one location.

By the way…if you’ve never bid for a flight on, I completely recommend it. The lowest fair for my little West Coast excursion was $1100.00. Through priceline, I was able to book it for $451.00…SWEET!

I’ve got one more plane leaving in just over an hour. It’s a little turbo prop that will take me to Redmond Oregon. I hear it’s one of the bumpiest flights around…can you sense my excitement?

More later.


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