A Special Prayer


I posted here a few days ago about Christine’s Grandma. This has been a really difficult couple of weeks. Not so much because we’re losing Grandma, but because my Mother-in-Law is by her side, watching her slowly slip away. I have arguably the worlds greatest Mom-in-Law, and I hate to see her hurt.

Last night, Christine handed me the phone so I could talk to her Mom. She asked me if it would be alright if she held the phone to Grandma’s ear so I could pray with her. I can’t even begin to express the rush of emotions that ran through me at that moment. It was all I could do to not let my voice waver as I fought back my tears. I took a deep breath and experienced what was arguably one of the greatest times of prayer I’ve ever had.

I don’t really know if Grandma could hear me, but I do know my Mother-in-Law could. I knew as I prayed that God was using that moment to comfort her and that was the one thing my heart wanted more than anything. Christine will be getting on a plane to Washington in a couple hours and I’ll most likely follow in a few days. I’m honored to speak at the memorial service and to play a song with Christine’s Brother…But, I truly can’t wait to love on my Mother-in-Law and let her know how real her hurt is to Jesus and how very much He loves her. And how in the midst of all this heartache, they are rejoicing in Heaven as her Mom comes home.


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