Turner’s Prayer


I love listening to my little boy pray. It’s pretty much the same thing each night at this point, but it’s really cute. Here’s what he had to say to God the other night.

Dear Jesus…

Thank you for today. Thank you for Daddy, Mommy, Ginger (the dog), Taylor, Grandma, Mimi (the cat) and Miko (yes…that’s the other cat). I pray for good dreams no bad ones. No Grinch. No Big Black Monster in Grandma’s Bathroom (must be a holdover from a bad dream), No Swiper (from Dora the Explorer)…and that I can dream about snuggling with Daddy, Mommy and Ginger…

Dear Jesus…Amen.

You gotta love this Kid!


One Response

  1. No Swiper… That’s great!

    Oh maaaaaannn!

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