Sunday Review


Sunday Morning

 – We had a great morning yesterday! The music clicked, the visuals popped, the lighting was great and my sound folks amaze me! More importantly, the message was loud and clear yesterday morning. Yesterday was what we call a “tweener” weekend. We ended our “Heroes” series last weekend and we’re launching “Simple” next weekend, so yesterday was a bit of a bridge between series. I love “tweener” weekends, because we usually do extended worship, we change things up as far as who’s teaching and we’re able to expand beyond the confines of a specific series for a weekend. It was an amazing morning to be a part of.

-Also had a great visit with Mark Lockett, one of our new guitar guys. God just continues to bring talent through our doors and Mark is certainly no exception. He did a great job yesterday!

Sunday Afternoon

 – Yesterday was a first for me. I actually sat down and intentionally watched a NASCAR race. It must be the mid-west rubbing off on me. Actually it was pretty cool…especially watching most of the race with my Son.

 – Snuggled with my daughter and watched Disney channel for a while. She’s in this really cool stage, where every time she sits next to me, she grabs my arm and puts it around her. I’m holding out hope that this won’t change as she gets older.

Sunday Night

 – Seriously amazing fettuccine dinner last night…not only did I marry up, I married a chef!!!

-After all these years, I still love “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. Had a blast watching it with the family last night…Turner thinks it’s really cool when baseballs hit people in painful places.

Sunday Late

-Stayed up and watched Big Brother 9 on the DVR with Christine. We watched a movie after that…which explains why I’m so stinking tired today. I love that the two of us have the same taste in TV shows!

Sunday (after it became Monday)

-Taylor’s been fighting off the crud for a week or so and keeps having these coughing spells in the middle of the night. They’re so bad, that they can make her throw up (sorry for the visual) – She started coughing a ton last night, so I ended up sleeping next to her from about 3:30am until the morning. She smiled so big when I walked into her room with my blanket and pillow. My back is killing me, but it was worth it to see that smile and to help my little girl settle down and finally get a bit of sleep. I just keep those little moments stored away so I’ll never forget them…

Quite a Sunday!

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  1. okay so if it makes you feel any better, I want you to know that one of my favorite times is going home and snuggling up with my daddy and watching tv or just talking — his arm around me rubbing my arm. Ah, it brings tears to my eyes. I miss him so much. Don’t worry, Tay is a great girl, she’ll still long for her daddy’s arms for years to come!

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