Almost 2


It’s amazing how quickly time goes by. In 5 days, I will mark 2 years here at Vale. I’ve been in ministry for many years, but this has been my first go around in full-time service. I have to say, I love this. I love serving, I love growing, I love investing and I love bringing “up there…down here”.

Someone asked me recently what has surprised me most about being in ministry full-time. So, I thought I’d bring back the “Top 10 List” and give you my Top 10 surprises about being in full-time ministry.

10. I’ve been surprised at how big a role the “Pastor” side of my job has become…and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

9. I’ve been surprised at how difficult it is to maintain a quiet time while in the office…I’ve ended up having it in my car every morning.

8. I’ve been surprised by the amount of artists who have come through our doors the last 2 years. At least 20 of our current team members were not in the creative ministry when I got to town.

7. I’ve been surprised by people’s flexibility. Sure there have been some difficult transitions and conversations but, all in all, this team has embraced the vision and ran with it.

6. I’ve been surprised by the number of leaders God has sent our way. Not just worship leaders, but leaders of life change.

5. I’ve been surprised at how easy it is to start burning out. I’ve had to learn when to let go, step away and take a break.

4. I’ve been surprised at the relationships that have formed. I can truly say that I have found some of the best friends I will ever find since moving here.

3. I’ve been surprised by the great working relationship our creative department has with the finance team. This is a huge struggle in a lot of churches, but not here. Our finance team is a big reason why this ministry is flourishing.

2. I’ve been surprised by the stress level in full-time ministry. I’ve learned to regulate this issue, but initially it was a big challenge for me.

1. I’ve been surprised by how much this experience has stretched me spiritually, artistically and personally.

Ultimately, I am so incredibly honored to do this. I am blessed to stand next to my beautiful Wife in ministry. I am blessed to come to work everyday and know that I work in the “life change” business. I am blessed to have found some incredible friends and mentors. But more than that, I am blessed to invest in people. I’m telling you…I can’t imagine a better gig than that!

3 Responses

  1. I gotta say…you have a bunch of friends a little over an hour north who are glad you followed God’s lead to our area. Keep growing and happy anniversary.

  2. And we are BLESSED to have you guys here with us!! You have done so much for our lives and so many others!! We love you so much!!

    PS…thanks for having us over again tonight…it was a blast as always!!

  3. Count us as the blessed ones as well to have gotten to know you Jim! It has been a blast working with you and Christine to His Glory. Having this much fun and serving God at the same time? Are you kidding me??
    Here’s to the future that is no less than God’s vision!!!!

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