A View From the Back


As I mentioned here, I didn’t lead worship this weekend. I spent the morning hanging in the shadows and playing my guitar…virtually anonymous! Here are a few things I noticed playing in the back that I don’t always catch from center stage.

-Our stage is REALLY deep…Seriously, I felt like I was 30 yards behind the vocal team.

-It’s a lot louder the further back you go. If I didn’t have in-ear monitors, I would have drowned in a sea of drum volume …(not necessarily a bad thing.)

-I play better when I’m not singing. It was nice to focus on one thing for a change.

-The lights aren’t nearly as hot as they up front…I didn’t even have a drop of sweat.

The best part was watching my leaders lead, my team come together and people respond to the presence of God. In ministry, it doesn’t get any better than that!


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