Random Things


Tony Morgan has a great list of stuff he’s pretty sure we won’t find in Heaven here.

A piece of frustrating financial news for my iPhone friends here.

Chris Vascher posted the best version of the “Simpson’s” theme ever…here.

Vicky Beeching is blogging! Check it out here.

My beautiful Wife posted a great 2 part series on toilet paper that will crack you up here and here.

My friend Dennis posted a great series on why he blogs here, here, here, here and here.

DC Curry posted 7 great leadership principles here.

Yet another thought provoking post from Anne Jackson here.

Skylar Goodman had a frightening experience at the mall here.


9 Responses

  1. Jim…save your poor dogs reputation NOW!

  2. It’s waaaaaay too late for that. Just wait until you see the pink sweater with the furry hood. – Trust me…I had NOTHING to do with it!

  3. Dennis, her reputation is already ruined-Jim and I are her owners!

  4. poor pooch!

    Kelly laughed at me. I couldn’t remember it’s name and called it butter snot. She of course remembered it’s full, beautiful name!

  5. Jim, you leave that dog alone.

    Every girl needs a beautiful pink sweater.

    Speaking of pet names, ask Dennis what their turtle’s name is!

  6. Snicklefritz Ufartnick

  7. Tony Morgan is totally right about NASCAR

  8. Tony Morgan…talk about random…

    Oh wait, We’re the one’s that highjacked this post.


  9. ah, ye of little attention span

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