Oh the Joy of In-Ear Monitors

My friend Tim is one of the best guitar players I’ve ever played with. Unfortunately, he also has abnormally small ear canals. Here’s a glimpse into a Vale worship rehearsal…well, sort of.


10 Responses

  1. Wow – that is crazy!! I have small ear canals too so those plastic earpieces never stay inside my ear. I had to go get the custom molded ones done so that I could use ears.

  2. Hahahaha!!!!

    This has never happened to us 🙂

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!! Why can’t cool stuff like that happen when I’m there!!! Poor Tim. Good video though very funny. I watched it like 10 times

  4. I really enjoyed my time pulling that thing out of his ear! Oh what fun! I am peeing my pants this is too funny!

  5. oh my! i’ve never seen that before!!

  6. ps: got you in my feed reader… looking forward to more.

  7. That’s actually sort of gross…but I…can’t…look…away… 🙂

  8. ok, the next time my team begs for these I’m showing them this clip. I think we’ll stick with what we’ve got for now!

  9. So, this is the abuse you put our volunteers through? Now I know why Christine is a nurse…. Love you guys!

  10. ouch!
    I watched it once and then played it again for Ben….
    When he finally realized what was going on he made one of the most shocked faces I have seen in a while. I am with Jenn, you just can not seem to look away……
    And who says coming to the blog to get away from studying does not have its perks!

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