Why This Way?


Anytime you work in an innovative church environment, the question of “why” comes up a lot.

  • Why do you use animated lights?
  • Why do you play a “Foo Fighters” song on a Sunday morning?
  • Why do you teach on a topic instead of reading 30 bible verses at a time?
  • Why do you have 5 screens instead of an overhead projector?
  • Why do you do a 65 minute service?
  • Why are the children jumping up and down instead of sitting next to a flannel graph in “Sunday School”?
  • Why, Why, Why…

For me, the answer is simple. We do it because we want to change lives. We do it, because we believe that the way to engage the hearts of the lost is to share the gospel in a way that meets them where they’re at. We do it because the Word of God challenges us to.

In Acts 17, Paul heads into Athens and completely changes his approach to sharing the gospel. He takes time to observe the people, their beliefs, their systems, their ways. Then he engages them based on those findings. He never changes the message…he simply changes the delivery. That’s why Sunday mornings at Vale are not the same as the little church with the steeple I grew up in. People here aren’t looking for that environment…they’re looking for something that is real and pertinent to their lives today. Not a truth that seems unattainable, but a relationship that is life changing. Not the guilt of religion, but the grace of God.

I love this environment. I love seeing constant life change in people. I love watching God move in tangible ways week in and week out. I often wonder how different my early walk would have been if church had been like this growing up. I may never know the answer to that, but I do know that today, I have the great joy of serving in a place that is making a difference for Christ…and what an honor that is!


One Response

  1. Great post and I agree..it’s all about changing lives and showing people that God loves them and he gave up His son for them. We have to do that in ways that people relate to. You don’t want to water down the Word, but you have to present the truth and I mean the core of the truth, in a way that people can understand and relate to. We just need to soften them up, open them up to God and he can do the rest..

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