I Finally Gave In


Well…it finally happened. We have a Dog! After much debate, we have named her “Gingerbread Latte” or “Ginger” for short. We resisted the urge to go with the standard kid names like “Goldie”, “Brownie” or “Puppy” – I don’t think I could have handled that! Anyhow, she’s 8 months old, smaller than one of our cats and is a chihuahua, beagle mix (at least that’s what the vet thinks).

On the phone this afternoon (as my Wife was trying to convince me that this was a good idea), I remember talking about getting a big dog. You know, something that sends a shiver down your spine when it barks. Instead, we have Ginger (who already owns a pink “hoodie”) and could easily be mauled by my cat or a mildy strong wind.

In the end, she’s already grown on me. She’s a really sweet Dog and the kids love her…Besides, how can you resist that face?


3 Responses

  1. That wasn’t hard to make you give in. Your just a softy. But I won’t tell anyone!

  2. Those dogs like Taco Bell food.

  3. […] This is Ginger our new Cheagle.  See Jim’s post about her here. […]

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