Creatively Crumpled


Creativity can be so random. I pretty much have our entire “Heroes” series in the can. In 4 weeks, we’ll launch our “I Doubt It” series which will lead us into Good Friday and Easter. You’d think that creatively, I’d be ready to jump on this series, but noooooo…not my brain. I sat down at my computer and had ZERO inspiration flowing out of me. I tried to force it for a while but eventually gave up. All I had was the computerized equivalent of a bunch of crumpled paper on the floor.

So…I started looking ahead to our “Christ Follower” series, which launches right after Easter. BINGO! Creativity in spades!

So, with a new series 4 weeks away and Good Friday and Easter fast approaching, I spent most of my creative time yesterday working on a series that’s almost 10 weeks away. I can’t figure out if I’m ahead or behind. I guess it depends on how you look at it.


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