The “Coffee” Report


As I posted here earlier, I’ve been off of coffee for the better part of 2 months. After I lost my taste for the stuff, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. There’s just something about having a hot beverage in my hand that makes me “feel” more creative. I ended up replacing the coffee with hot apple cider (since I can’t stand tea) and it’s actually worked out fairly well. So…here’s what 2 months of a coffee free existence have done for me.

-I’ve lost 8 pounds.

-I’m singing better than I have in years.

-I’m stressing out a lot less.

-I’m saving $6.00 a day.

-My blood pressure is normal.

-I have more energy.

-I’m sleeping better.

I’m not about to preach on the benefits of not drinking coffee, but…I’m having trouble seeing how I can ever go back. A few people have said that maybe God caused me to lose my taste for Java for the very reasons listed above. At first, I kind of laughed them off, but now I’m thinking they may have been right.

The big question now is…what am I supposed to do with all these stinking Starbuck’s gift cards!!??


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  1. “what am I supposed to do with all these stinking Starbuck’s gift cards!!??”

    Send ’em up here! 🙂

    Or you could use them as thank you’s for people on your team.

  2. Thank you’s for your team is a great idea – or as gifts for the other Starbucks fanatics in your life.

    Don’t forget too, that they do sell stuff other than coffee. Iced cream drinks, hot chocolates, mints, etc.

    I’m curious – have you made other lifestyle adjustments, or do you attribute all of the above changes solely to no longer drinking the coffee?

  3. Yep…thought of that one. I’ve already used some of the cards on friends and team members. I still have a weekly meeting at Starbuck’s, where I’ve been drinking the Stawberries and Creme Frap (otherwise known as the world’s most expensive milkshake) – I may actually change that meeting to Panera so I can at least have a nice “Bear Claw” to eat.

    Lor…these are all things that have happened in the last 2 months, so I do attribute most of this to not drinking coffee. The only exception is that I started on blood pressure meds a few months ago…my pressure was a lot better, but has improved even more since the “coffee fast” began : )

  4. Starbucks has a GREAT hot caramel apple cider. I think they have it year round now. Give it a shot (no coffee pun intended…).

  5. straw/cream frap – my own personal fav… although the orange is a close second

    congrats on the coffee fast, Jim. may your positive results continue…

    you know, we do some of our best work at Panera’s. You and Christine should come and join us for a bear claw 🙂

  6. You know Jim, I am proud of you for this…..
    However, if you are feeling that you need to relieve yourself of those gift cards I still drink coffee myself…..(just kidding)
    Starbucks has some great non-coffee beverages to choose from…..
    You might find that you like something else better.
    Happy New Year!

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