Have you ever been asked to take a bunch of digital pictures from the latest youth trip or church event and create a highlight video or slide show for Sunday morning? If you’re in Creative Ministries, you’ve probably been asked to do this more times than you can remember. Let’s face it…it’s a pain and can be very time consuming.

Well, here’s a great solution to the problem.

At Animoto, you can upload your photos, pick from a nice selection of stock audio (or upload your own), then sit back and let Animoto do the rest. In a few minutes you’ll have a unique video that (as of last week) is fully downloadable. If you don’t like the show that was created, simply re-render the project and you will get an entirely different presentation.

For $30.00 a year, you can create unlimited, full length videos. The quality is top notch and would take hours of editing to duplicate. It’s a great investment and well worth a look. Check it out at

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