Had a chance tonight to hang out with some great friends and head to Riverside Community Church’s production of “Imagine Christmas”. The production was amazing, but what hit me more was how much I was touched by the opportunity to simply soak in. The imagery was inspiring, the artistry was moving and Pastor John King’s closing message wrecked me to the core. I needed this tonight. I needed to be stirred. I needed to be encouraged. I needed to just “be” in the presence of God without any other responsibilities. 

More importantly, God wanted me there tonight. He wanted to refresh me. He wanted to reinvigorate me. He wanted to stir me. He wanted to strip everything away and simply “be” with me. I could sense His presence tonight…in a wonderfully tangible way.

This is what Christmas is truly all about. God wanting to simply “be” with us. It was awe inspiring to spend tonight in His presence.


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  1. Have a great Christmas Jim!

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