Getting Over Myself


Have you ever been in the way? Specifically, have you ever been in the way of something God wanted to do? Well, today I realized that I’ve been doing just that. For the last few months, I’ve had an opportunity to go with a team of people to minister in Grenada. I have a big heart for missions. Over the years, I’ve spent time in Russia, Belarus, Spain and France but when it came to this trip, I found every excuse not to go. There were a lot of little reasons why, but the big one was that I was so wrapped up in my preconceived thoughts and ideas, that I couldn’t clearly see God waving His arms and motioning me down this path.

That’s what the enemy does….he tries to steer us towards assuming, knowing that assumptions cloud our view of God’s desire for our life. Today, it all came to a head. I spoke with 2 of our other pastors about this trip and was still struggling. It wasn’t until my wonderful Wife called that all became clear. The basic message…”I need to get over myself”! Every reason (and I do mean every reason) I had for not going on this trip was selfish. I didn’t want to deal with this or that…I don’t want to leave this behind, I don’t want to deal with that extra work load. In the end, my heart was suddenly at peace. After wrestling with this for months, I finally realized that I was wrestling against God’s will…and that’s a fight God is going to win every time.

So…this June, I’ll be blogging from Grenada for a week. This is going to be an amazing time of ministry…I’m just glad I’m going to be a part of it.

Many more details to come!


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