An Old Friend


I have an old friend named Al. Al was in the 1st graduating class at GIT (The Guitar Institute in Hollywood) – He is a monster player! Back in 1981, Al owned a music store that I would hang out at as an 11 year old. Eventually, I started learning to play in that store and spent most of my after school time just being around Al.

Fast forward to the early 90’s…Al had sold the store and opened a recording studio. My band and I lived in that place. One day I showed up for some session time and Al was running late…so I sat down and visited with his wife Jane for about an hour. I told her about this new church I had just started going to and how much of an impact this place was having on me.

Fast forward 1 week…Al and Jane walk into church. It didn’t take long for my friend Al to become my brother Al. For the next several years we served alongside each other as part of the worship ministry. It was an amazing time.

Fast forward 4 years…Our Music Director was let go and I received a phone call from the Sr. Pastor asking me to fill in as the Interim Worship Leader. Al was asked to fill in as the Interim Music Director. Suddenly Al and I, were co-leading a worship ministry together!

Fast forward 2 years…Al steps down as the Interim Music Director, which clears the way for me to take on that role. Suddenly, I was without my friend Al for the first time since I started serving in worship ministry. Though God used this time to prepare me and my family for what was to come, I never really got over not having Al with me.

Fast forward 3 more years…Eventually God moved me and my family on (the “interim” period lasted 3 years in case you’re wondering). We served at a church in Tacoma for a while until God lead us into ministry full-time here in the middle of Illinois. It’s amazing to look back and know that the entire journey was designed by God to prepare us to serve here.

Fast forward to today…Today, I’m feeling a bit beat down. I didn’t sleep well, I’m having computer trouble and I can’t seem to snap out of my morning coma…then my phone rings. It’s my friend Al.

40 minutes later, it’s a new day…Thank you God for my friend Al! After all this time, I guess we’re still working together…just in a different way.


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  1. That is awesome…it is amazing how God really does order the steps of the righteous!

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