Coming Together


Had a great (albeit early) meeting this morning with our other 3 Pastors, our Children’s and Family Director, our Kids Coordinator, our Kid’s Tech Coordinator and our Technical Director. I’m not usually a fan of meetings with 8 people (too many brains, and mouths to get around a single idea), but this one was different. We were meeting to finalize plans to upgrade our Kids area. This has been an ongoing discussion for a very long time. We’re not talking about adding a few “bells and whistles”, we’re talking about a new stage, a sound and light upgrade, new projectors and screens and a complete new “look” to what we do for our kids on Sunday mornings.

I have to admit that I came into the meeting (Carmel Macchiato in hand) with a bit of a sour mindset. It was early…there were way too many people involved and I didn’t see how this thing was going to hash itself out. What ended up happening was wonderful. Not only did eight sleepy, opinionated, visionary people have a meeting of the minds, we stood in the room and all saw the same bright future for our Kids area. What we ended up with was better than what we had talked about through emails and hallway conversations. It was better than any one of our individual ideas. It was something God-sized, something bigger and better than any of us had hoped for.

Looking at it now, I know that 9 of us were meeting this morning…because God was sitting right there with us (I wonder what kind of coffee He drinks?) – I know it brings Him great joy when His people work together and today was a wonderful example of that.


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  1. Awesome! And now those kiddos get to reap your God centered, united meeting of the minds. I love a church that puts that much emphasis on the youth.

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