A Great Day with God


We had a great morning yesterday! The “unplugged” set was amazing. One person described it like this: “One moment I was talking with friends and the next moment I was in the presence of God…as if a switch had been turned on.” That’s a God sized moment right there! As the morning progressed I could see people beginning to let go of their baggage and simply dwell in the His presence…that’s what it’s all about. The morning was everything I’d hoped and prayed for and so much more. After that, it was a quick tear down, a bite of pizza and then into costumes and makeup for the Sunday matinee of Freedom’s Gift. This was definitely our best show to date, everyone was “on”.

I have two favorite parts of this whole production. One is watching my Wife play the most “over the top” German immigrant seamstress you could ever imagine. She’s hilarious (and also extremely gifted). My Daughter Taylor plays the youngest daughter of the main family in the story. She may be only 8 years old, but I think she’s found her calling…she’s doing a wonderful job…I’m so proud of both my girls.

God was on display yesterday, which is my prayer for anything and everything we do at Vale. I could picture Him going chair by chair, simply “being” with each and every person in the room. What a great God we serve!


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