Opening Night


We had a wonderful opening night of our Christmas Musical, Freedom’s Gift. Two more performances this weekend, three next weekend and then it’s a wrap. What I love most about this production is that the script and music are all original. It’s amazing what God can do when He places artists together. Our Drama Director, Connie Beard, is one of the most gifted theater people I’ve ever known. I’ve had the great privilege of teaming up with Connie and Francess Harris to help create the music for all of this. I love the art of the collaboration and this production exemplifies what God can do when His artists work together.

Our actors, singers, stage crew and techs are the best in the business…none of this flies without them. They all stepped it up a notch last night…God moved, lives were changed and it was a blast! I’m blown away that 2 years ago I was in Seattle and today I’m working with a team of 70+ amazing artists in the middle of Illinois…Only God can do that!

Back at it tonight!


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  1. Sounds like you guys are doing some amazing stuff! I love it man, keep up the good work. Hope i can get over there to see you guys at some point.

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